The new generation business house of Bangladesh, SEACOM is geared to meet and overcome the unforeseen challenges of tomorrow with its powerhouse of experiences and expertise. Since its inception, SEACOM has been marching ahead on aggressive grounds and with a broad spectrum of high expectations. SEACOM is never tired of attending any commercial or technical problem, however extraordinary or uncompromising in nature. Its ceaseless efforts have given birth to effective leadership for radical improvement in the core performance to the entire satisfaction and appreciation of SEACOM’s national, multinational and international clientele.

SEACOM's partner in business lauds its unrivalled ability, realistic approach, competitive edge and innovative ideas for solution of complex problems which always strives to keep standard high. Begun with conventional methods, it has accumulated extensive know-how of modern shipping through the years. SEACOM technocrats have complemented by diversifying to the wonders of global commercial automation.

This premier company provides unique proximity to the updated information on the Bangladesh trade and commerce in general and that of shipping in particular. Its workforce is a team of very talented professional shipping technocrats who give personal touch for execution of responsibilities given by its clients. SEACOM takes prompt and efficient measures to enable its clients to maximize profit minimize risk and ensure success.

Fulfillment of customers’ requirement and multitude of demands became policy prerogatives of the company. The Principal activities are:

Within a very short span of time, the company emerged as one of the country’s largest bulk-cargo shipping Company. By virtue of maintaining close cooperation with customers, the company has been able to build up a considerable competence as well as comprehensive range of solutions even in the most orthodox system of port operation, the company today represents as leading Shipping Solution Provider of many conglomerates and multi-nationals.

SEACOM has well garnished principles to formalize its management system. Its outstanding management quality satisfies clients’ aspiration through fulfilling their requirements in home & abroad.

SEACOM has its stake in various business entity scattered around the Country.

Having a firm & friendly relationship with various suppliers in Bangladesh, SEACOM avails advantage on strong purchasing power for it’s principles. Its endeavors of forward integration have given new dimension to its platform. Through its dedicated workforce, SEACOM has already succeeded in earning reputation nationally and globally.